Before You Come To The Studio

Your best bet when scheduling your session is to talk to the studio personnel and give them as many details as possible about what you are trying to accomplish with your recording. They do this everyday and probably can help. Decide how many and which songs you'll be recording and have them prepared BEFORE your session. Practice the songs straight through, including intros, endings and dynamics. Work out all your solos before you get to the studio. Be prepared to play with headphones on, and if at all possible, practice playing to a metronome or a click


Remember - the clock starts at your scheduled session time.

What to Bring

Guitarist: Bring your guitar, tuner, any effects pedals (don't forget batteries), cables, picks and extra strings. We have amps available for recording, but you are also welcome to bring your own.

Bassist: Bring your bass, any effects pedals, picks, cables and extra strings. Again, if you have a favorite amp, you are welcome to bring it as well.

Drummer: At a minimum, bring your cymbals, snare, kick pedal and drumsticks. We have drum kits available for recording. If you would like to bring your own drum kit, remember it will add time to the setup.

Vocalist: Bring your lyrics even if you have them memorized!

Please consider leaving friends and fans at home. Extra people may distract you and in the long run cost you money in wasted studio time.

In the Studio Introduce all band members to the engineer and discuss your plans for the session (songs, order, length, anything out of the ordinary). Know what kind of sound you're going for.