AKG D-112 AKG C-414 x2 AKG C-1000S
Octava MK-012 x2
Electro Voice 308 Electro Voice 757
Neuman TLM 103

Shure SM-58 x 8 Shure SM-57 x6
Shure Beta 87a


Shure SM81 x 2
Shure Green Bullet Harmonica Mic
Senheiser M-421 x4 Senheiser M-402 Senheiser E -609 x2

CAD Equitec 200 Avantone CV-12

MXL V63M x2
Earthworks TC25 omni x2 Earthworks SR25 cardioid
Audix D6






Outboard Gear:


Millennia Origin STT-1 Twin Topology tube/solid state Preamp

Universal Audio LA-610 Preamp Channel Strip x2

Focusrite ISA 428 4 Channel Preamp


DBX 162A stereo Compressor Limiter

DBX 1066 stereo Compressor Gate Limiter

3 x DBX 166XL

DBX 1046 4 channel Compressor Limiter

Symetrix Compressor Gate Limiter


EQs & Processors:

Alesis Midi Verb 4s multi effect processor x2

Yamaha SPX-90 multi effect processor

Roland SDE-1000 Digital Delay

Alesis M-EQ 230 1/3 octave graphic equilizer x2

Vintage TEL 10 band graphic equilizer with real time display

Alesis DEQ 830 - 8 channel 1/3 octave digital eq






Apogee Big Ben 192k Master Digital Clock



Guitar Bass and Keyboard Amplifiers / Modling

Ampeg V-4B

Orange TH-30

McIntosh 40


Fender Hot Rod Deville

Fender Princton Chorus

Motion Sound Pro 145


Line 6 Spider 2 combo amp

Line 6 X3 Pro rackmount amp modleing processor

Yamaha SB 300








Sound Reinforcement:

Speaker Cabinets:

2 JBL MP-225 full range cabinets.

4 JBL MRX 525 full range cabinets.

4 JBL MRX 528s duel 18" subwoofers.

2 18" EV Eliminator bass reflex subwoofer cabinets.

2 Eminence loaded 3 way duel 12" full range cabinets.

8 Qsc K-12 powered speakers.

2 QSC K sub powered subwoofers.

Two custom-made 3 way full range cabinets loaded with duel 12" EV Force drivers and 4 horns.

Four Yamaha SM 12 full range floor monitors.

Two Yamaha SM 10 full range floor monitors.

Two Yamaha SM 15 full range floor monitors

Two QSC ISIS 282 Front Fills




2 Crown CE-1000s

1 Crown DC-300

Mixing Consoles:

Our studio console is an Allen & Heath GL2400-32

We have several live consoles including a Yamaha QL5, Soundcraft SI Compact 32, a Behringer X32 Producer with expansion for 32 mic inputs, and various smaller format consoles.



The DBX Driverack:

The addition of the DBX Driverack PA and the Driverack 260 takes our already state of the art sound system to the next level. The Driverack offers automatic room tuning using real time analyzing and parametric equalization to make even the worst rooms sound incredible. The incorporated automatic feedback suppression makes annoying and sometimes harmful feedback a thing of the past. For more information about the DBX Driverack, visit www.driverack.com

4 QSC PLX 3602s

1 QSC PLX 3402

2 QSC RMX 2450s

4 QSC GX5s


Power Amplifiers: