About Us


Steinwand Sound Studio has been providing superb sound services for the northern New Jersey area for many years. Since the start of the studio's construction in 1985, we have been committed to improving ourselves and our facility. In 1985 Steinwand Sound Studio was, of course, analog, the heart of our studio being our Tascam " 8 track machine. Those eight tracks, coupled with a Tascam M-320 mixing console and a few choice microphones were just the beginning. Studio recording soon branched off into providing small PA systems and live sound reinforcement. Over the years, these services grew independent of each other to form the equally powerful components that make Steinwand Sound Studio what it is today.

Today, our in-studio recording is centered around a Mac Pro Quad Core G5. For our digital audio workstation software, we chose Pro Tools and MOTU's audio system software, Digital Performer 5.1. With this system, 24 bit 96kHz digital recording on 24 simultaneous tracks can be accomplished with ease. Digital Performer tops out at over 150 tracks and Pro Tools LE tops out at 48. The addition of the Universal Audio UAD-1 to our setup opens the door to an extremely powerful set of plugins above and beyond Pro Tool's and Digital Performer's extensive plugin bundles. Computer based recording advancements are important but our commitment certainly does not stop there.

The audio signal chain is only as strong as it's weakest link. Lets start from the beginning. Steinwand Sound Studio has an extensive microphone cabinet. Our collection sports representation from all the major manufacturers including: Neumann, AKG, Sennheiser, Audio Technica, CAD, ElectroVoice, Shure, MXL, and Oktava. The next step in the signal chain is the preamp. We have a pair of Universal Audio LA-610 tube microphone Preamps, a Millennia STT1 twin topology preamp, a 4 channel Focusrite ISA 428, a PreSonus Tube Pre, and our Tascam M-320 is equipped with acclaimed solid state preamp technology. The next stop would represent signal processors. We have 6 channels of DBX compression including the 162A and 1066, two channels of symetrix compression, and effects processors from Alesis, Yamaha, Art, and Rolland. At the end of the signal chain is where you would find the recording devices. Steinwand Sound Studio can record to a variety of two track mediums. These would include 1/4" reel, Sony Minidisk, DAT (digital audio tape), CD and any mainstream file-based audio format. As you can see, every link in our signal chain has what it takes to capture a great recording.

The other aspect of Steinwand Sound is our live sound division. Equally as developed as our studio recording, our live sound boasts quite a diverse list of offered services. Whether it's live bands, theater, conventions, graduations or remote recording, we can provide what you need. We will customize a system to suit any need, whether it be Indoor, outdoor, large, or small. Our mixing consoles range anywhere from small 4 channel desktop mixers to 40 channel digital mixers from manufacturers like Soundcraft, Allen & Heath, Mackie and more. If it's theater you are interested in, we have twelve wireless lavaliere microphones with more available if needed. We also can provide area microphones such as Audio Technica Pro 45s and boundary microphones.

If you've got a tough room, let our DBX Driverack take care of it. The Driverack is a system management processor that uses an analyzing microphone and pink noise to automatically tune our system to match your room's acoustic needs. The Driverack also provides automatic feedback suppression that makes dangerous and annoying feedback a thing of the past.

Outdoor concerts have become our specialty over the years. Our system is sufficient enough to cover an area about 300 feet by 300 feet, and for audiences of around 2000 people. Of course, larger systems are available if needed.

So you can see how we have changed from our start in 1985. We will continue to grow but we will never lose sight of what matters most. Our goal is to continue to provide the best sound available at a competitive price. So, if you share the passion for crystal clear sound, please give us a call.